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Fast Isoprene Sensor
Fast Isoprene Sensor
Fast Isoprene Sensor
Fast Isoprene Sensor

Consulting Services

Hills-Scientific also writes software for specific uses and projects. Software is written in LabVIEW data acquisition and control language. Examples of custom software written by Hills-Scientific include:

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for intuitive signal acquisition and process control.

Digital and analog signal generation (outputs) for control of solid state devices and relays and general instrument control.

Instrument testing protocols written to your exacting specifications. Complete packages for beta testing your instrumentation prior to sale or deployment.

Serial communication (bidirectional).

Ethernet data stream acquisition and output.

Signal display, processing, and archiving.

Time controlled processing. Time sensitive instrument control and acquisition is one of the most demanding types of software to correctly write. We have considerable expertise in this field.

Interface/control of with physical devices such as mass flow controllers (MFCs), pressure and temperature sensors.

Software is written in sub-vi logical blocks which can be migrated and re-used in future projects.

We specialize in interfacing industry leading National Instruments data acquisition or control products to your PCs and your particular instrument, equipment and process.  

We have considerable expertise writing software for both the commercial and university/research sector. We can produce powerful software to control your operation, testing and measurement needs.

We get it and we get it right the first time.