Boulder, Colorado USA
Fast Isoprene Sensor
Fast Isoprene Sensor
Fast Isoprene Sensor
Fast Isoprene Sensor

Pricing & Models

Fast Isoprene Sensor: $48,000

The FIS uses custom optics, all stainless/Teflon flow paths, single photon counting detection coupled to custom LabVIEW software, electronic mass flow control, multichannel RTD digital temperature control, microprocessor controlled autocalibration, a shock-mounted brushless DC pump, ultra-clean pneumatic valving, 6061 alloy custom chassis built to mil-spec then powder coated with epoxy graphics. Lifetime construction. Includes serial and power cables, operational manual and 1-year of tech support.

Supporting equipment (optional)

Ozonizer: $5,150

A rugged portable ozonizer is offered and is recommended for use with the Fast Isoprene System. Ozone is produced in high fraction via corona-discharge in oxygen, with a continuous yield of 4% ozone @0.8 slpm O2 inlet flow. Ozone output is ballast-volume stabilized, resulting in an invariant output.

Isoprene calibration standard: $2150

6 ppmv isoprene in nitrogen calibration mixture in size 50 cylinder, analyzed: (±2% primary analysis and certification document). The standard includes a dual stage regulator, cylinder purchase, and 8-meter stainless connection line. 6 ppmv (nominal) isoprene standard provides 0-30 ppbv dynamic calibration range. Other calibration ranges are available for the same price.        

Transport case: $725

A heavy-duty foam-lined ATA case sized for the FIS with wheels and telescoping handle. This protects the Fast Isoprene Sensor during shipment/storage. Highly recommended for instruments that may be periodically transported.